Rich, founded Cura back in 2014 when he noticed an increase in clients looking for something different from your every day packaged event. Now, 4 years on and the team has grown to a group of creative and hard working industry pros who provide a full service, from locating a venue, through to organising the colour of your napkins. All our events are personalised and can be as unique as you’d like. The team take the stress out of planning your event and help your creativity flow.


Alex comes from North London, by way of Italy and Ireland, so when he’s not whipping up culinary delights at Cura, you can find him feeding his legions of friends and family, or recreating one of Nonna’s recipes. This man’s dedication to good food knows no bounds.


Rich is the Grand Daddy of CURA – he created it, he nurtures it and he loves it like it’s his child. He’s worked in Michelin starred kitchens, he’s managed catering businesses, worked festivals, won awards and once got 13,000 dinners out on time at the London Olympics.


Dani is our master of calm and our supplier of exceptional vegetables. In the kitchen he is cool when everything around him boils over, and in his home-grown herbs and veg, he looks for the same exacting standards he learned in his Catalan youth.

DavidDavid the Duck


With a background in architectural design, bursting with enthusiasm and creativity, David has some most amazing ideas that he brings to Cura Production.  He has grown up around a big Guyanese family, feasting on Caribbean roti’s, dahls, curries and most of all rum. You couldn’t ask for anything more than that.


A back ground in the fashion industry, Nicola Joined with fresh vigour, and a professionalism that only industry can teach you. Organised and slick, she is at the frontline of our events, always with a smile on her face and always going that extra mile to make sure clients are happy. You’ll find her at the end of emails, making sure all plans are well explained and all bases covered and on the day, delivery on time, set up perfectly, décor looking beautiful, absolutely everything spot on.


Mike is the cool head. A Greek heritage and a family in the restaurant business means that since the age of 13 he’s been on the front line, knowing all the tricks and tips for that perfect service. At other times of the day you’ll find him behind a camera lens or sowing seeds for an ever growing herb and vegetable patch that finds its way onto our plates. He’s a bit of a legend.

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