Breakfast and Lunches, On-the-Go Dining

Delivered to your Workspace

Creating bespoke studio food, with passion, colour and abundance. Using seasonal ingredients, sustainably sourced from local farms, producing hearty authentic food. What, you say, can be better than that?

Working with each individual client on a specialised, tailor made menu, with exciting new ingredients, flavours and blends. This is healthy food where vegetarian and vegan meals are the stars, supported by those trusty carbs and a little bit of the meaty stuff for your committed carnivore. Its exciting, brave and ultimately focusses on the progression of food, trends and hot topics that clients of today are looking for. Its our little salute to the future of food and the enthusiasm we have for new recipes, ingredients and boundless discovery of flavour.

Rate Options

Half Day

Breakfast + Lunch

Choice of 6 options

£25/head + VAT

Full Day

Breakfast + Lunch + Afternoon Tea

Choice of 9 options

£35/head + VAT

Add on’s are charged additionally. For example, Morning Tea Break, Snacks or Evening Meal Options. Just ask. Please see our Studio Food Menu brochure for all menu options.

How it works

Tell us what your shoot needs for the day, we’ll create an entirely bespoke menu around your schedule and then the team arrives on the day for call time.

Food + Drink

Dietary requirements, allergies and requests.


What facilities are onsite at the studio? What can we bring with us to make sure it runs smoothly?


Deliveries, food prep, organisation, cooking and storage takes time. Allow us a couple of days heads up to prepare.

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