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This wedding was set in the grounds of La Domaine de La Léotardie in South West Dordogne region of France. The landscape rolled over stunning woodlands, planted with beautiful stone buildings centuries old. The weather warm, sunny and barely a cloud in the sky. This September wedding just kept on getting better and better.

A few months prior Fred had reached out to us and we happily started to lend ideas and thoughts on that ‘perfect’ wedding they had in mind. The back drop in France, family alongside friends and good times. Its ambition was to be elegant, relaxed, fun but well thought out. Both Charli and Fred are sticklers for detail, and that’s what we aimed to get just right!

Arriving a few days prior, we had the pleasure of spending some time with both the family’s and some very good friends, striking up conversations that went into the night. It was absolutely glorious and a real pleasure to become part of the ‘team’ for those few days. I think that’s what really made the difference, it becomes personal, we’re now working together and harmonising.

Come the wedding day itself, we had the dishes prepared, the drinks on ice and tables set. It was a mild, clear day, the sun beating down, air cooled by the woods near by. The ceremony held on the banks of the field next to the House, guests hiding under the shade as Charli made her way across, looking absolutely stunning. Hands swept away tears, it was truly a magical moment.

Drinks and food flowed throughout the day with canapes disappearing down hungry mouths, swilled with beautiful French wines. Locally sourced ingredients were the talk of the day, with beautiful whole roasted chickens for the mains, salads and sides to make sure the gathering had a truly unique Wedding Breakfast. To finish off, a dark ganache tartlet, meringue and strawberry. There were small arguments breaking out with ‘who got the spare ones….!!!’

Dancing concluded the night, and open bar for everyone to enjoy the last drops of wine and boogie the night away. It wont be forgotten, the smiles, the full bellies, the late night chats around the fire. C’est magnifique.

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