Andrea’s 40th Birthday at Space Studios, Hackney Wick

 In For You

We met Andrea a while ago and got in touch through good friend and design lead, David at Cura. After a quick meeting and site visit we began designing the format for her birthday. It was essentially going to be a 150 person evening full of fun, music and an enormous amount of rum; all in the stunning grounds of Hackney wick and Queen Elizabeth Park a stones throw away.

We began by looking at the venue, discussing the key areas that we needed to focus on- décor, sound, light, bar, cocktails and the team we needed to make it happen. So we cracked on with the full production plan for the night, pulling in key suppliers,  orgainsing the deliveries, making sure the lights were on low, Dj’s flown in from Berlin, cocktails stirred and champagne on ice!

The doors opened an we were in business! Words can’t describe the amount of fun we all had that evening, next year we’ve been promised an #ABBfest to organise! BRING IT ON.

“Cura came to the rescue.  They removed all the stress and seamlessly curated a professional service which captured the vibe & energy I had visioned.

All the staff were tremendously organised and we had a lot of fun!”

Andrea Hickman (Birthday Girl)

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